About Us

Refuse to be held down by the shackles of your past!

      Here at Convicts & Angels we encourage everyone to not only be proud of who they are, but to stand tall & be themselves REGARDLESS of what others may think; unapologetically exuding strength, hope, positivity and confidence. Whether you've been labeled, judged or condemned for your past, your own personal convictions, your appearance, your lifestyle choices OR you feel like you're being held to some unrealistic standard that only an "Angel" could live up to, remember, we're all human & we all make mistakes...it's what we learn from those mistakes & the choices we make going forward that truly matter. 

     Your future is not defined by your past, your appearance or what others may perceive you to be. Don't let anyone determine your worth or lump you into some generic category!!! The POWER is in YOUR hands, so take control!!! We only have ONE life!!! LOVE the life YOU live, be who YOU were meant to be, SHOW IT OFF & make a STATEMENT!!! ALWAYS BE PROUD of who you are & what YOU stand for!!! Let the AMAZING individual that YOU ARE shine through, blaze YOUR OWN trail and ALWAYS REPRESENT WITH PRIDE!!!